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St Tropez

The St.Tropez spray tan provides a natural looking, streak-free tan to suit every skin tone and lifestyle. Applied by one of our trained St Tropez therapists in the new Pro Generation tanning both. For best results exfoliate prior to treatment and ensure your skin is free from any oils or creams.

The Ultimate Bronzing Cream

For a hydrating, rich, long lasting, golden, non-streak tan lasting 3-7 days. We combine this treatment with a relaxing all over body scrub before applying the hydrating tanning lotion.

Colour & Tone

At Great Escape we understand that everybody has different skin types and preferences. For the ultimate streak-free and natural looking tan you can choose which St Tropez tan you would prefer to suit your skin tone. 

Classic Mist - Tinted for a streak-free, natural golden tan that lasts for days. 

Sensitive Mist - Lightly tinted, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic for sensitive skins. 

Dark Mist - Tailors to your individual skin tone for our deepest, darkest bronze and a longer-lasting finish. 

Express Mist - Choose your depth of colour with St Tropez new 3-in-1 formula with intelligent shade technology.